API Evangelist Partners

These are my partners who invest in API Evangelist each month, helping underwrite my research, and making sure I'm able to keep monitoring the API space as I do.


Streamdata is a software vendor making real-time data accessible to all by operating a proxy turning request / response APIs into feeds of real-time events.


Uptrends is the ultimate monitoring tool to stay in control of the uptime, performance, and functionality of your websites, APIs, and servers.


3scale makes it easy to open, secure, distribute, control and monetize APIs, that is built with performance, customer control and excellent time-to-value in mind.

API Database News

These are the news items I've curated in my monitoring of the API space that have some relevance to the API definition conversation and I wanted to include in my research. I'm using all of these links to better understand how the space is testing their APIs, going beyond just monitoring and understand the details of each request and response.

Title Source Visit
Data Mastery: SQL — Grouping (2018-11-15) medium.com
Data Mastery: SQL — Having (2018-11-13) medium.com
Data Mastery: SQL — Full Join (2018-11-11) medium.com
Data Mastery: SQL — Left & Right Outer Join (2018-11-10) medium.com
Data Mastery: SQL — Subqueries (2018-11-10) medium.com
Evolving the Database for DevOps (2018-10-30) dzone.com
Firebase gets enterprise support, a new REST API, and general availability for iOS Test Lab and Predictions (2018-10-29) www.xda-developers.com
Relational to JSON With SQL (2018-10-13) dzone.com
How Database Indexes Really Work (2018-09-21) thenewstack.io
Query Store and Log Backups (2018-09-18) dzone.com
Autonomous Database: Creating an Autonomous Data Warehouse Instance (2018-09-17) dzone.com
Unify your customer data with Segment and IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud (2018-09-12) segment.com
Create RDS MariaDB — AWS Serverless to MariaDB (2018-09-09) medium.com
Firestore Data Model (2018-09-06) medium.com
Databases and Microservices: A Technology and Methodology Primer (2018-09-03) thenewstack.io
Powering Recommendations with a Graph Database: A Rapid Retail Example (2018-09-03) neo4j.com
Create RDS MySQL — AWS Serverless to MySQL (2018-09-02) medium.com
Auto (2018-08-31) dzone.com
Triggering an Email From Database Updates with MongoDB Stitch (2018-08-30) medium.com
Mule 4: Database Connector Bulk Insert (2018-08-30) dzone.com
Introduction to Database Management Systems (DBMS) (2018-08-28) blogs.bmc.com
How to Use a Subquery in MySQL (2018-08-28) dzone.com
SQLMAP (2018-08-27) packetstormsecurity.com
Designing a Database: 7 Things You Don't Want to Do (2018-08-27) dzone.com
Redis Enterprise Operator for Kubernetes (2018-08-27) dzone.com
Apache HAWQ becomes top (2018-08-24) sdtimes.com
The Database Disillusionment (2018-08-24) dzone.com
A Database Session Leak Can Slow Down Your Database (2018-08-24) dzone.com
Understanding Distributed Analytics Databases, Part 2 — Data Distribution (2018-08-22) blog.periscopedata.com
SQL for Marketers Part 4 — Common Analysis Queries (2018-08-22) blog.periscopedata.com
Exact Row Counts for All Tables in MySQL and Postgres (2018-08-22) blog.periscopedata.com
Common Salesforce Reports in SQL (2018-08-22) blog.periscopedata.com
One Dimensional Clustering in Postgres (2018-08-22) blog.periscopedata.com
SQL Joins For Data Analysis (2018-08-22) blog.periscopedata.com
Extrapolating to the End of the Month in SQL (2018-08-22) blog.periscopedata.com
How to Calculate Confidence Intervals in SQL (2018-08-22) blog.periscopedata.com
Understanding SQL's Null (2018-08-22) blog.periscopedata.com
Optimizing Your psql (2018-08-22) blog.periscopedata.com
Splitting Comma (2018-08-22) blog.periscopedata.com
Aurora Serverless for MySQL 5.6 — Generally Available (2018-08-16) medium.com
The 40 Database Platforms We Are Targeting For Streaming (2018-08-13) streamdata.io
Amazon Aurora Serverless now generally available (2018-08-10) sdtimes.com
Amazon Aurora Serverless  (2018-08-10) medium.com
simdb: A Simple JSON DB in GO (2018-08-08) dzone.com
Swagger examined (part 2): The DBSync’s Swagger API (2018-08-04) medium.com
Databases and Blockchains, The Difference Is In Their Purpose And Design (2018-08-04) medium.com
5 Questions for Evaluating a Distributed Database (2018-08-02) thenewstack.io
Why Code Quality is Vital in the World of Database DevOps (2018-07-22) dzone.com
Neo4j Launches Commercial Kubernetes Application on Google Cloud Platform Marketplace (2018-07-18) neo4j.com
CI/CD for Database Developers: Export Database Objects Into Version Control (2018-07-18) dzone.com
MongoShake — A MongoDB (2018-07-18) dzone.com
Thank You for Your Help NoSQL, but We Got It From Here (2018-07-15) dzone.com
What Does GDPR Compliance Mean for My Database? (2018-07-14) dzone.com
MySQL (2018-07-13) dzone.com
New Rackspace Application Services for Databases: “Any Database, Any Deployment, Any Service Level” (2018-07-13) blog.rackspace.com
Building a Dating site with Neo4j – Part Three (2018-07-12) maxdemarzi.com
Snowflake expands beyond Amazon to Azure cloud (2018-07-12) techcrunch.com
DevOps for Databases (2018-07-10) dzone.com
PostgreSQL RDS Creation/Migration in AWS (2018-07-05) medium.com
Efficiently Transforming JDBC Query Results to JSON (2018-07-03) dzone.com
Graphs at Scale: Scale Out Neo4j Using Apache Mesos and DC/OS (2018-07-03) neo4j.com
Microsoft Announces the General Availability of Azure SQL Data Sync (2018-06-30) www.infoq.com
Scaling Your Database Instance (2018-06-29) dzone.com
Introduction to Realm Database (2018-06-28) dzone.com
Tips for using the Gremlin API with Azure Cosmos DB (2018-06-07) channel9.msdn.com
AWS’s Neptune graph database is now generally available (2018-05-30) techcrunch.com
Streaming Data From MariaDB Server Into MariaDB ColumnStore via MariaDB MaxScale (2018-05-27) dzone.com
Integrate Legacy System using SQL Dependency and Webhook (2018-05-04) medium.com
The Future of Database DevOps (2018-04-25) dzone.com
Key metrics for AWS RDS PostgreSQL monitoring (2018-04-12) www.datadoghq.com
PostgreSQL RDS monitoring with Datadog (2018-04-12) www.datadoghq.com
Starting MongoDB Database Software (2018-04-12) dzone.com
How to Make Sure Your Database Is as Secure as Fort Knox (2018-04-12) dzone.com
AWS DynamoDB for Serverless Microservices (2018-03-30) medium.com
Tweaking RDS Database Performance and ElastiCache (2018-03-16) dzone.com
Importance of Memory Setting in SQL Server (2018-03-15) dzone.com
This Week in News: Time (2018-03-09) thenewstack.io
Using Active Failover in ArangoDB by Configuring ArangoDB (2018-03-09) dzone.com
The Types of Modern Databases (2018-03-08) dzone.com
Exploring Azure Cosmos DB With Gremlin Graph Database (2018-03-06) dzone.com
The case when HTTP threatens the Database (2018-02-24) medium.com
Operationalizing Data Lakes for Better Business Performance (2018-02-23) thenewstack.io
Continuous Automation and Delivery With the Database (2018-02-22) dzone.com
Lessons Learned Syncing 800 Million Contacts To Our Database (2018-02-16) dzone.com
How to connect D3.js to relational databases using API (2018-02-15) www.slashdb.com
How to connect D3.js to relational databases using API (2018-02-15) www.slashdb.com
MongoDB gets support for multi (2018-02-15) techcrunch.com
Integrating APIs into FileMaker apps (2018-02-14) medium.com
Monitoring Cassandra Health and Performance Metrics (2018-02-13) medium.com
Read and write to REST (2018-02-08) blog.getpostman.com
Why IOPS Matters for the Database (2018-02-08) dzone.com
CLI for Indexing Data From MongoDB to Elasticsearch (2018-02-06) dzone.com
Rubrik acquires Datos IO to expand into NoSQL database management support (2018-02-06) techcrunch.com
The Seven Samurai of SQL Server Data Protection (2018-02-04) dzone.com
Querying RDS MySQL DB With NodeJS Lambda Function (2018-01-12) dzone.com
3 Reasons Application Developers Should Care About Database Deployments (2018-01-09) www.datical.com
How to Import the Bitcoin Blockchain into Neo4j (2018-01-09) neo4j.com
This Week in Neo4j – Azure, Geneaology, Docker (2018-01-06) neo4j.com
IndexedDB Meets SlashDB (2018-01-05) www.slashdb.com
Docker Windows SQL Server Containers and Database Clones (2018-01-05) dzone.com
The Rising Need for Database Scalability (2018-01-04) dzone.com
JBoss Data Virtualization on OpenShift: Integrating a Remote SQL Server Database (2018-01-04) developers.redhat.com
Building Real (2018-01-01) dzone.com
Introduction to Firebase (2017-12-28) medium.com
Why NoSQL Needs Schema (2017-12-26) dzone.com
Connecting a PostgreSQL Database With Apache Camel (2017-12-25) dzone.com
Serverless Databases a game changer ? (2017-12-25) medium.com
Dynamically Generate Tags for Database Entries (2017-12-22) medium.com
The Pros and Cons of Database Scaling Options (2017-12-22) dzone.com
KSQL December Release: Streaming SQL for Apache Kafka (2017-12-20) www.confluent.io
Modernizing SQL Server Applications, Part 2: Your Top 3 Questions Answered (2017-12-18) dzone.com
Citus Data Turns Postgres into a Scalable Distributed Database System (2017-12-18) thenewstack.io
MySQL Monitoring with Telegraf, InfluxDB & Grafana (2017-12-17) medium.com
Key metrics for PostgreSQL monitoring (2017-12-15) www.datadoghq.com
Larry Ellison: Oracle's fancy new 'autonomous' database is coming in January, and it will crush Amazon (ORCL) (2017-12-15) www.businessinsider.com
DynamoDB replica to MySQL (2017-12-15) medium.com
Adding gRPC to Neo4j (2017-12-15) dzone.com
Understanding MySQL Queries With EXPLAIN (2017-12-14) dzone.com
PostgreSQL 10 Generally Available on Heroku (2017-12-14) blog.heroku.com
MySQL on Kubernetes (2017-12-14) admin.dyn.com
Adding gRPC to Neo4j (2017-12-13) maxdemarzi.com
Open (2017-12-11) dzone.com
New Honeycomb Integrations for PostgreSQL (2017-12-11) honeycomb.io
PL/SQL 101: Nulls in PL/SQL (2017-12-08) dzone.com
Beta Release: Java Driver with Async API for Neo4j (2017-12-08) neo4j.com
How to Transfer a MySQL Database Between Two Servers (2017-12-07) dzone.com
Monitoring RDS MySQL Performance Metrics (2017-12-06) dzone.com
Containerizing Databases at New Relic, Part 2: Building Megabase (2017-12-05) blog.newrelic.com
Containerizing Databases at New Relic, Part 1: What We Learned (2017-12-05) blog.newrelic.com
How to Read Data From LDFs File in SQL Server (2017-12-05) dzone.com
ICIJ Releases Neo4j Desktop Download of Paradise Papers (2017-12-01) neo4j.com
Real (2017-11-30) dzone.com
Graph (2017-11-30) dzone.com
Amazon Web Services Takes on Kubernetes, Offers a Serverless Database Service (2017-11-29) thenewstack.io
Amazon introduces an AWS graph database service called Amazon Neptune (2017-11-29) techcrunch.com
AWS announces a serverless database service (2017-11-29) techcrunch.com
Database Fundamentals #15: Modifying Data With T (2017-11-28) dzone.com
Databases of the Future Will be Decentralized (2017-11-28) medium.com
Deep Dive Into Database Administration (2017-11-27) dzone.com
How to set up MySQL Database and woo commerce rest API to Push inventory levels, Push Tracking information and ... (2017-11-25) www.sitepoint.com
Designing for a Database: What's Beyond the Query? (2017-11-24) dzone.com
Google Big Query Meets SQLite: The Business of Baseball Games (2017-11-23) dzone.com
MariaDB Energizes the Data Warehouse With Open (2017-11-23) dzone.com
What Is GDPR and Why Should Database Administrators Care? (2017-11-22) dzone.com
Mutual Fund Benchmarks with Neo4j (2017-11-21) maxdemarzi.com
Cloud (2017-11-21) databricks.com
Why We Moved From NoSQL MongoDB to PostgreSQL (2017-11-21) dzone.com
Microsoft Previews Cross Platform Tool for Working with SQL Server (2017-11-21) www.infoq.com
MySql Join(s) as an API (2017-11-19) medium.com
Microsoft 'Connects' With Open Source Databricks, Cassandra, MariaDB (2017-11-19) gearsofbiz.com
Why Amazon DynamoDB isn’t for everyone and how to decide when it’s for you (2017-11-18) medium.com
Bill of Materials in Neo4j (2017-11-17) maxdemarzi.com
Data and Databases Are Critical to Digital Transformation (2017-11-16) dzone.com
Data Modeling Guidelines for NoSQL JSON Document Databases (2017-11-15) dzone.com
MariaDB coming to Azure as Microsoft joins the MariaDB Foundation (2017-11-15) arstechnica.com
Google Cloud’s Distributed Relational Database Spanner Goes Global (2017-11-15) thenewstack.io
How to Manage Your MySQL Databases (2017-11-14) dzone.com
Querying DBpedia with GraphQL (2017-11-14) medium.com
MySQL Setup in Docker for Mac (2017-11-14) dzone.com
Under the Hood: Redis Enterprise Flash Database Architecture (2017-11-13) dzone.com
Connecting to Database (2017-11-13) medium.com
Using SlashDB and Browser Local Storage for Cached Data Presentation (2017-11-13) www.slashdb.com
Should You Use DynamoDB? (Part 2) (2017-11-10) dzone.com
This Week in Numbers: DevOps for the Database (2017-11-10) thenewstack.io
Neo4j: The Power behind the Paradise Papers (2017-11-10) neo4j.com
Filling Cloud Firestore with data (2017-11-09) medium.com
I wish I knew how to use MongoDB connection in AWS Lambda (2017-11-07) medium.com
YugaByte: A New Database to Solve the SQL vs. NoSQL Dilemma (2017-11-06) thenewstack.io
Blockchains versus Traditional Databases (2017-11-05) medium.com
Neo4j Graph Database 3.3 Release: Everything You Need to Know (2017-10-31) neo4j.com
MongoDB Sharding Explained (2017-10-30) www.bmc.com
Neo4j: From Graph Database to Graph Platform (2017-10-24) neo4j.com
TigerGraph Builds a Bigger Graph Database (2017-10-24) thenewstack.io
How I destroyed the staging database (2017-10-19) medium.com
Cybersecurity & Graph Technology: An Excellent Fit (2017-10-19) neo4j.com
PostgreSQL 10 Now Available in Beta on Heroku Postgres (2017-10-17) blog.heroku.com
RedisLabs Incident (2017-10-16) blog.rapidapi.com
A Path to the Graph: Data Integration That Begins without Writing Any Code (2017-10-11) neo4j.com
DevOps Reference Architectures: What about the Database? (2017-10-09) www.datical.com
Despite Publicity, Database Misconfigurations Grow Voluminous (2017-10-06) www.infosecurity-magazine.com
Google launches Cloud Firestore, a new document database for app developers (2017-10-03) techcrunch.com
Successfully Migrating Your Database to AWS (2017-10-03) blog.rackspace.com
Redis Cache Cluster Support (2017-10-03) medium.com
Using Relational Databases With Serverless Functions (2017-10-03) medium.com
Migrating a database from InnoDB to MyRocks (2017-09-25) code.facebook.com
Yes to databases in containers – Microsoft SQL Server available on Docker Store (2017-09-25) blog.docker.com
Stroll Your Way to New Creative Heights with SlashDB (2017-09-13) www.slashdb.com
Accessing Relational Data from R — Simplified by SlashDB (2017-09-08) www.slashdb.com
Jepsen Offers System (2017-09-05) thenewstack.io
API Security and MySQL — A match made in Hell (2017-08-30) www.forumsys.com
New version of SlashDB released! Lower entry (2017-08-29) www.slashdb.com
New APIs, new synchronized multiprocessing and new, reduced entry (2017-08-28) www.slashdb.com
Why did I decide to use Amazon Relational Database Service(RDS) in my project? (2017-08-27) medium.com
How Ethereum contract can communicate with external data source (2017-08-25) medium.com
In (2017-08-21) techcrunch.com
Firebase on the Web (2017-08-21) medium.com
Connecting to a Database Using Port Forwarding in OpenShift (2017-08-18) blog.openshift.com
Querying and Pagination with DynamoDB (2017-08-17) blog.codeship.com
RDBMS vs NoSQL: Picking the right tool for the job (2017-08-16) www.datical.com
Stackery Support For NoSQL Tables (2017-08-10) www.stackery.io
Brewing in Beats: PostgreSQL module in Metricbeat (2017-08-10) www.elastic.co
Brewing in Beats: PostgreSQL module in Filebeat (2017-08-10) www.elastic.co
Why I’m dumping Firebase for Web (2017-08-08) medium.com
5 Hidden Database Deployment Costs (2017-08-08) www.datical.com
Heroku Postgres Update: Configuration, Credentials, and CI (2017-08-08) blog.heroku.com
Optimize Eloquent Queries with Eager Loading (2017-08-07) laravel-news.com
How Docker Containers Helps SQL Server 2017 Shift Deployment to the Developer (2017-08-07) thenewstack.io
Periscope Data (2017-08-02) webflow-blog.periscopedata.com
OrientDB Intro & HTTP REST API (2017-07-28) medium.com
Modeling has_many Relationships with DynamoDB (2017-07-25) blog.codeship.com
How Microsoft brought SQL Server to Linux (2017-07-17) techcrunch.com
From MongoDB to DynamoDB (2017-07-17) auth0.com
From Hosting MongoDB to DynamoDB (2017-07-17) auth0.com
How to Use SlashDB API with a Business Intelligence Tool (2017-07-14) www.slashdb.com
New SQL Injection Tool Makes Attacks Possible from a Smartphone (2017-07-12) www.darkreading.com
Monitor Google Cloud SQL performance with Datadog (2017-07-11) www.datadoghq.com
Going Real (2017-07-06) medium.com
Periscope Data (2017-07-05) webflow-blog.periscopedata.com
Serverless and why I dislike RDBMS (2017-07-04) medium.com
Feedback Loops, DevOps and Database Continuous Delivery: What you should know (2017-06-30) www.datical.com
Datical Aims to Bring DevOps Speeds to the Database (2017-06-29) thenewstack.io
4 SQL High (2017-06-27) databricks.com
Swagger, the API Economy, REST, Linked Data, and a Semantic Web (2017-06-24) medium.com
10 Things I Hate About Your API — Amanda Folson (2017-06-22) medium.com
The Microservice Design Canvas (2017-06-22) www.apiacademy.co
Developing RESTful APIs with Kotlin (2017-06-22) medium.com
Graph Database Goodness with LevelGraph (2017-06-22) blog.codeship.com
Amazon DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX): Speed Up DynamoDB Response Times from Milliseconds to Microseconds without Application Rewrite. (2017-06-21) www.allthingsdistributed.com
Introducing the Chunked Upload API (2017-06-20) medium.com
4 Mantras for Designing Scalable APIs (2017-06-20) nordicapis.com
Twitter API: Cursoring (2017-06-19) medium.com
RESTful Services (2017-06-16) developers.redhat.com
Best Practices for API Error Handling (2017-06-15) nordicapis.com
Periscope Data (2017-06-14) webflow-blog.periscopedata.com
From GraphQL to CSV: the story of API accessibility (2017-06-14) medium.com
API design fundamentals: usage driven design (2017-06-14) medium.com
Scenarios v3.3 Update (2017-06-12) medium.com
REST API for Dummies: The Store Metaphor (2017-06-12) medium.com
RESTful Services (2017-06-11) medium.com
How did we solve custom data requirement problem using PQL instead of using GraphQL (2017-06-10) medium.com
The Definitive Guide for building REST APIs (2017-06-10) medium.com
Transclude Preference for the HTTP Prefer Header (2017-06-09) rawgit.com
Neo4j Is Now Available on the AWS Marketplace (2017-06-08) neo4j.com
Periscope Data (2017-06-07) webflow-blog.periscopedata.com
Amazon API Gateway Enables Customization of Error Responses (2017-06-06) aws.amazon.com
Database Continuous Integration and Automated Release Management Workflow with AWS and Datical DB (2017-06-02) aws.amazon.com
Database Release Automation (2017-06-02) www.datical.com
Three Principles of API First Design (2017-06-02) medium.com
The Emergence of the Enterprise DataFabric (2017-06-01) neo4j.com
Stripe Sigma (2017-05-31) stripe.com
REST API Design Tips from Experience (2017-05-30) medium.com
Service (2017-05-30) www.bmc.com
Accordion APIs How (2017-05-30) medium.com
Which wordlist endpoints would be useful for you? — API Developer Community (2017-05-27) forum.oxforddictionaries.com
Recently posted on our blog at www.lunchbadger.com (2017-05-25) medium.com
RFC 3117 (2017-05-25) tools.ietf.org
Robustness principle (2017-05-25) www.wikiwand.com
Why you should follow the robustness principle in your APIs (2017-05-25) engineering.klarna.com
82% of Databases Left Unencrypted in Public Cloud (2017-05-25) www.darkreading.com
API Lifecycle: Design Stage (Part 2 of 4) (2017-05-24) medium.com
Pagination, Filtering, and Sorting — API Working Group 0.0.1.dev223 documentation (2017-05-23) specs.openstack.org
Sorting — Twitter Developers (2017-05-23) dev.twitter.com
REST API Sorting Paging and Filtering (2017-05-23) www.thrinacia.com
Amazon Athena adds API/CLI, AWS SDK support, and audit logging with AWS CloudTrail (2017-05-23) aws.amazon.com
The Resource Groups Tagging API Makes It Easier to List Your Resources by Using a New Pagination Parameter (2017-05-22) aws.amazon.com
The Resource Groups Tagging API Makes It Easier to List Your Resources by Using a New Pagination Parameter (2017-05-22) aws.amazon.com
API Design: Think First, Code Later (2017-05-20) cheesecakelabs.com
Apache TinkerPop (2017-05-19) tinkerpop.apache.org
The four levels of consistency in API design (2017-05-18) restlet.com
How NASA Finds Critical Data through a Knowledge Graph (2017-05-17) neo4j.com
Announcing Azure Database for MySQL Public Preview (2017-05-16) azure.microsoft.com
Google Cloud Platform Blog: Introducing Google Cloud IoT Core: for securely connecting and managing IoT devices at scale (2017-05-16) cloudplatform.googleblog.com
SQL to JSON Data Modeling With Hackolade (2017-05-12) dzone.com
Tweet: AWS Schema Conversion Tool now extracts from SQL Server data warehouses! https://t.co/2RMKhM9ICU https://t.co/bwLYzrSbd6 (2017-05-11) twitter.com
Tweet: REST Anti-Patterns https://t.co/EC42OtetFw via @InfoQ (2017-05-10) twitter.com
Oracle API Platform Cloud Enables Customers to Drive Business Transformation and DesignFirst (2017-05-10) www.prnewswire.com
NoSQL, no problem: Why MySQL is still king (2017-05-10) www.infoworld.com
Challenges With Googles Cloud Spanner (2017-05-10) dzone.com
Refactoring LoopBack SQL Connectors (2017-05-09) strongloop.com
How to do wildcard filtering in SlashDB DataDiscovery (2017-05-08) www.slashdb.com
Putting gRPC multilanguage support to the test (2017-05-08) cloudplatform.googleblog.com
8 Steps to Help Your API be Forward Compatible (2017-05-07) www.programmableweb.com
The two perspectives of API design (2017-05-06) restlet.com
Creating Dynamic Charts With PHP and PostgreSQL (2017-05-06) dzone.com
Tweet RT restlet The two perspectives of API design by apihandyman httpstcodM5qOjuSkp httpstcoEsquxdyEdn (2017-05-05) twitter.com
Yelp Adds GraphQL Support to Fusion API Introduces Developer Beta Program (2017-05-05) www.programmableweb.com
The Engineering Evolution of Neo4j Into a Native Graph Database (2017-05-04) dzone.com
Building for Builders Stripe039s 8 Tips for Designing APIs and Supporting Developers (2017-05-04) www.programmableweb.com
REST API Industry Debate OData vs GraphQL vs ORDS (2017-05-03) www.progress.com
The two perspectives of API design (2017-05-03) restlet.com
Little rules for designing with data (2017-05-02) github.com
DreamFactory 2.6 adds Firebird SQL and API management improvements (2017-05-02) blog.dreamfactory.com
Docker and Vaadin Meet Couchbase: Part I (2017-05-02) dzone.com
API Mediation Why You Need an API Experience Layer (2017-05-01) nordicapis.com
ResourceCentric API Calls Switching Up the Cloud Elements Hubs (2017-04-28) dzone.com
gRPCWeb Moving past RESTJSON towards typesafe Web APIs (2017-04-27) spatialos.improbable.io
Cassandra Connector for LoopBack Has Arrived (2017-04-27) strongloop.com
Manage your gRPC APIs with Google Cloud Endpoints (2017-04-26) cloudplatform.googleblog.com
Summarizing requests (2017-04-26) www.apiful.io
Tweet 7 Tips for Designing a Better REST API httpstco7QQsjLd33P (2017-04-25) twitter.com
Tweet: Push your data from Mixpanel to MS SQL Server https://t.co/Yr9X7MPXtD #ETL #datawarehouse #analytics https://t.co/kFufZ0OXC7 (2017-04-25) twitter.com
What is the difference between API Design and API Architecture APIUniversity (2017-04-25) api-university.com
Deliveroo API Design Guidelines added to the API Stylebook (2017-04-25) apihandyman.io
Introducing ProtocolOriented BDD in Swift for iOS Apps Part 1 (2017-04-25) dzone.com
Using field masks with update requests to Google APIs (2017-04-21) gsuite-developers.googleblog.com
7 Tips for Designing a Better REST API (2017-04-20) www.kennethlange.com
SOAP vs REST A Look at Two Different API Styles (2017-04-20) www.business2community.com
Is Protobuf 5x Faster Than JSON Part 2 (2017-04-20) dzone.com
Amazon DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX) – In-Memory Caching for Read-Intensive Workloads (2017-04-19) aws.amazon.com
Microservices APIs and Swagger How They Fit Together (2017-04-19) dzone.com
Building an API lessons learned the hard way part 2 (2017-04-19) medium.com
Amazon Athena adds support for Querying Encrypted Data (2017-04-14) aws.amazon.com
Storj: New Protocol, New Opportunities (2017-04-14) blog.storj.io
Simplicity Utility x Data Success (2017-04-13) blog.mparticle.com
Amazon Adds Cross Region and Encrypted Replication Support for Aurora (2017-04-13) www.infoq.com
Tweet Materia v07 is now available httpstcooPDC7PPxXt User Management Addon SendGrid ampamp mailjet Addons Permissions management (2017-04-12) twitter.com
Restlet Studio Supports RAML 10 API Specification (2017-04-12) www.programmableweb.com
The 5 Basic API Design Paradigms (2017-04-10) blog.cloudobjects.io
API Design Standards With Andy Beier (2017-04-07) businessintelligence.com
Setting up a MySQL Server for Warewolf Using Stored Procedures (2017-04-07) warewolf.io
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If you think there is a link I should have listed here feel free to tweet it at me, or submit as a Github issue. Even though I do this full time, I'm still a one person show, and I miss quite a bit, and depend on my network to help me know what is going on.

API Database Organizations

These are the organizations I come across in my research who are doing interesting things in the API space. They could be companies, institutions, government agencies, or any other type of organizational entity. My goal is to aggregate so I can stay in tune with what they are up to and how it impacts the API space.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services(AWS) is a collection of remote computing services (also called web services) that together make up a cloud computing platform, offered over the Internet by Amazon.com. The most central and well-known of these services are Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3. The service is advertised as providing a large computing capacity (potentially many servers) much faster and cheaper than building a physical server farm.


There's a better way to build connectivity for high-value enterprise, mobile, IoT, and startup applications. OpsGen can help you easily and rapidly create, manage, and scale your API. Visit our website and find your way today!


Firebase is a mobile platform that helps you quickly develop high-quality apps, grow your user base, and earn more money. Firebase is made up of complementary features that you can mix-and-match to fit your needs.


Heroku is the first and best multi-language cloud application platform, or platform-as-a-service. Heroku allows developers to deploy, scale, and manage their apps without needing to think about servers or systems administration. Over one million applications have been deployed to Heroku.


hook.io is the leading open-source provider of microservice and webhook hosting. Our service is built with  by Developers for Developers. hook.io provides free hosting for Microservices and Webhooks. These hosted services have full integrated access to the hook.io Developer API.


SlashDB connects your internal databases and constructs a REST/HTTP web service, easily making database content accessible by URLs for getting, updating, inserting and deleting in a secure way.  SlashDB provides connectors for Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostGreSQL, IBM DB2 and Sybase--covering the top 5 databases you will find in the enterprise or small to medium businesses. SlashDB automatically turns databases into online resource so their content becomes accessible to authorized web, mobile and enterprise applications for reading and writing under standard data formats. Technically speaking, it makes REST APIs out of relational databases.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform and infrastructure created by Microsoft for building, deploying, and managing applications and services through a global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters. It provides both PaaS and IaaS services and supports many different programming languages, tools and frameworks, including both Microsoft-specific and third-party software and systems

Google Fusion Tables

Fusion Tables is an experimental data visualization web application to gather, visualize, and share data tables.

Google Cloud Dataproc

Use Google Cloud Dataproc, an Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, Apache Pig, and Apache Hive service, to easily process big datasets at low cost. Control your costs by quickly creating managed clusters of any size and turning them off when you're done. Cloud Dataproc integrates across Google Cloud Platform products, giving you a powerful and complete data processing platform.


DreamFactory Software is a private, venture-backed company based in Campbell, California, with an additional development center in Atlanta, Georgia. We were founded in 2005 and funded in 2006 by New Enterprise Associates. Today, DreamFactory publishes the DreamFactory Services Platform, an open source REST API platform for mobile application developers.

Periscope Data

Periscope plugs directly into your databases and lets you run, save, and share analyses over billions of data rows in seconds. By plugging into database, marketing and billing systems, it can show customers how email and SMS affect user retention; which sales channels produce the most loyal users; and how many users use both web and mobile frontends.


An open-source database with a flexible data model for documents, graphs, and key-values. Build high performance applications using a convenient sql-like query language or JavaScript extensions.

Azure DocumentDB

Azure DocumentDB is a fully-managed NoSQL document database service that offers querying and transaction-processing over schema-free data, predictable and reliable performance, and rapid development.

Azure SQL Database

Make building and maintaining applications easier and more productive. With built-in intelligence that learns app patterns and adapts to maximize performance, reliability, and data protection, SQL Database is a cloud database built for developers.


Scaphold is a rich backend-as-a-service platform with a web interface like Parse that exposes its API using the powerful GraphQL language.


Reindex is a backend as a service for React apps. With Reindex you can build mobile and web apps without time consuming backend development. We provide the storage with a GraphQL API, so you can concentrate on shipping amazing apps to your users. Reindex integrates seamlessly with Relay, the JavaScript framework for building data-driven React applications. Together with Relay and other open source tools for GraphQL, Reindex provides a great developer experience: instead of writing complex logic for data fetching and mutations, you can write declarative queries and the framework handles the complex details.

Google Cloud Spanner

Cloud Spanner is the first and only relational database service that is both strongly consistent and horizontally scalable. With Cloud Spanner you enjoy all the traditional benefits of a relational database: ACID transactions, relational schemas (and schema changes without downtime), SQL queries, high performance, and high availability. But unlike any other relational database service, Cloud Spanner scales horizontally, to hundreds or thousands of servers, so it can handle the highest of transactional workloads. With automatic scaling, synchronous data replication, and node redundancy, Cloud Spanner delivers up to 99.999% (five 9s) of availability for your mission critical applications. In fact, Google’s internal Spanner service has been handling millions of queries per second from many Google services for years.

Google Cloud SQL

Cloud SQL is a fully-managed database service that makes it easy to set up, maintain, manage, and administer your relational PostgreSQL BETA and MySQL databases in the cloud. Cloud SQL offers high performance, scalability, and convenience. Hosted on Google Cloud Platform, Cloud SQL provides a database infrastructure for applications running anywhere.


Salesforce.com Inc. is a global enterprise software company headquartered in San Francisco, California. Though best known for its customer relationship management (CRM) product, Salesforce has also expanded into the social enterprise arena through acquisitions. It is currently ranked the most innovative company in America by Forbes magazine, as well as number 27 in Fortune's magazine's 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2012. As of April 2013, the company is ranked sixth in providing services in marketing and customer service automation

Google Biquery

BigQuery is Google's fully managed, petabyte scale, low cost enterprise data warehouse for analytics. BigQuery is serverless. There is no infrastructure to manage and you don't need a database administrator, so you can focus on analyzing data to find meaningful insights using familiar SQL. BigQuery is a powerful Big Data analytics platform used by all types of organizations, from startups to Fortune 500 companies.


The software revolution has given people access to countless specialized apps, but there's one fundamental tool that almost all apps use that still remains out of reach of most non-programmers — the database.

Apache CouchDB

CouchDB is a database that completely embraces the web. Store your data with JSON documents. Access your documents and query your indexes with your web browser, via HTTP. Index, combine, and transform your documents with JavaScript. CouchDB works well with modern web and mobile apps. 


Cloudant’s distributed database-as-a-service (DBaaS) allows developers of fast-growing web and mobile apps to focus on building and improving their products, instead of worrying about scaling and managing their databases on their own.


Build Your Best with MongoDB and Elasticsearch. Compose is a fully-managed platform used by developers to deploy, host and scale databases. Compose deployments scale seamlessly as your data grows. Spend more time on your data model, less time capacity planning. This is how everyone should run databases. Backups, replication, complete monitoring. Three essentials of a production database deployment. Spend your time building apps, let us worry about production operations.


Crate is an open source, highly scalable, shared-nothing distributed SQL database. Crate offers the scalability and performance of a modern No-SQL database with the power of Standard SQL. Crate’s distributed SQL query engine lets you use the same syntax that already exists in your applications or integrations, and have queries seamlessly executed across the crate cluster, including any aggregations, if needed.


DBmaestro is a pioneer and a leading DevOps for database solution provider. Its flagship product, DBmaestro TeamWork, enables Agile development and Continuous Integration and Delivery for the Database.


MarkLogic Corporation is an American software business that develops and provides an enterprise NoSQL database, MarkLogic. MarkLogic is considered a multi-model NoSQL database for its ability to store, manage, and search JSON and XML documents and graph data (RDF triples). Organizations rely on the flexibility and agility of MarkLogic in order to integrate massive amounts of data and build large scale web applications.


Neo4j is an open-source graph database, implemented in Java. The developers describe Neo4j as embedded, disk-based, fully transactional Java persistence engine that stores data structured in graphs rather than in tables. Neo4j is the most popular graph database. Neo4j version 1.0 was released in February, 2010. The community edition of the database is licensed under the free GNU General Public License (GPL) v3. The additional modules, such as online backup and high availability, are licensed under the free Affero General Public License (AGPL) v3. The database, with the additional modules, is also available under a commercial license, in a dual license model.


SecureDB is the fastest way to encrypt and store the data in the cloud. SecureDB comes built-in with the following modules: 1) Encrypted User Profiles 2) Encrypted Custom Data 3) Encrypted Files. Traditionally, implementing encryption is a complicated, expensive and time consuming exercise. SecureDB makes implementing strong encryption simple, fast and inexpensive.

Visual Paradigm

 Visual Paradigm supports modeling the underlying communication model of REST API, as well as the generation of REST APIs and API documents.


Webdis is a simple HTTP server which forwards commands to Redis and sends the reply back using a format of your choice. Accessing /COMMAND/arg0/arg1/.../argN[.ext] on Webdis executes the command on Redis and returns the response; the reply format can be changed with the optional extension (.json, .txt…)

Azure Data Lake Store

The Data Lake store provides a single repository where you can capture data of any size type and speed simply without forcing changes to your application as the data scales. In the store, data can be shared for collaboration with enterprise-grade security. It is also designed for high-performance processing and analytics from HDFS applications (ie. Azure HDInsight, Data Lake analytics service, Hortonworks, Cloudera, MapR) and tools, including support for low latency workloads. For example, data can be ingested in real-time from sensors and devices for IoT solutions, or from online shopping websites into the store without the restriction of fixed limits on account or file size unlike current offerings in the market.


Apollo is an incrementally-adoptable data stack that manages the flow of data between clients and backends. Based on GraphQL, it gives you a principled, unified, and scalable API for developing modern apps on top of services.


Ragic enables business people without programming skills to create cloud databases just like how they create a spreadsheet form. Ragic focuses on helping companies and teams who have outgrown their Excel files, to move on to a real database solution that can scale in terms of users, data relation, and data size. Users of Ragic are able to build their own database applications without a line of code through a spreadsheet interface, or install from the supplied ready-made database application templates across many business functions.

Google Cloud Datastore

Cloud Datastore is a highly-scalable NoSQL database for your applications. Cloud Datastore automatically handles sharding and replication, providing you with a highly available and durable database that scales automatically to handle your applications' load. Cloud Datastore provides a myriad of capabilities such as ACID transactions, SQL-like queries, indexes and much more.


Dydra is a cloud-based graph database. Whether you’re using existing social network APIs or want to build your own, Dydra treats your customers' social graph as exactly that.

AWS Kinesis Firehose

Amazon Kinesis Firehose is the easiest way to load streaming data into AWS. It can capture, transform, and load streaming data into Amazon Kinesis Analytics, Amazon S3, Amazon Redshift, and Amazon Elasticsearch Service, enabling near real-time analytics with existing business intelligence tools and dashboards you’re already using today. It is a fully managed service that automatically scales to match the throughput of your data and requires no ongoing administration. It can also batch, compress, and encrypt the data before loading it, minimizing the amount of storage used at the destination and increasing security. You can easily create a Firehose delivery stream from the AWS Management Console, configure it with a few clicks, and start sending data to the stream from hundreds of thousands of data sources to be loaded continuously to AWS – all in just a few minutes. With Amazon Kinesis Firehose, you only pay for the amount of data you transmit through the service. There is no minimum fee or setup cost.

AWS Database Migration Service

AWS Database Migration Service helps you migrate databases to AWS easily and securely. The source database remains fully operational during the migration, minimizing downtime to applications that rely on the database. The AWS Database Migration Service can migrate your data to and from most widely used commercial and open-source databases. The service supports homogenous migrations such as Oracle to Oracle, as well as heterogeneous migrations between different database platforms, such as Oracle to Amazon Aurora or Microsoft SQL Server to MySQL. It also allows you to stream data to Amazon Redshift from any of the supported sources including Amazon Aurora, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, SAP ASE and SQL Server, enabling consolidation and easy analysis of data in the petabyte-scale data warehouse. AWS Database Migration Service can also be used for continuous data replication with high-availability.

AWS Server Migration Service

AWS Server Migration Service (SMS) is an agentless service which makes it easier and faster for you to migrate thousands of on-premises workloads to AWS. AWS SMS allows you to automate, schedule, and track incremental replications of live server volumes, making it easier for you to coordinate large-scale server migrations.

AWS Storage Gateway Service

The AWS Storage Gateway service seamlessly enables hybrid storage between on-premises storage environments and the AWS Cloud. It combines a multi-protocol storage appliance with highly efficient network connectivity to Amazon cloud storage services, delivering  local performance with virtually unlimited scale. Customers use it in remote offices and datacenters for hybrid cloud workloads, backup and restore, archive, disaster recovery, and tiered storage. The Storage Gateway virtual appliance connects seamlessly to your local infrastructure as a file server, as a volume, or as a virtual tape library (VTL). This seamless connection makes it simple for organizations to augment existing on-premises storage investments with the high scalability, extreme durability and low cost of cloud storage.  

AWS Redshift

Amazon Redshift is a fast, fully managed, petabyte-scale data warehouse that makes it simple and cost-effective to analyze all your data using your existing business intelligence tools. Start small for $0.25 per hour with no commitments and scale to petabytes for $1,000 per terabyte per year, less than a tenth the cost of traditional solutions. Customers typically see 3x compression, reducing their costs to $333 per uncompressed terabyte per year.

AWS DynamoDB

Amazon DynamoDB is a fast and flexible NoSQL database service for all applications that need consistent, single-digit millisecond latency at any scale. It is a fully managed cloud database and supports both document and key-value store models. Its flexible data model and reliable performance make it a great fit for mobile, web, gaming, ad tech, IoT, and many other applications. Start today by downloading the local version of DynamoDB, then read our Getting Started Guide.

AWS Snowball

Snowball is a petabyte-scale data transport solution that uses secure appliances to transfer large amounts of data into and out of the AWS cloud. Using Snowball addresses common challenges with large-scale data transfers including high network costs, long transfer times, and security concerns. Transferring data with Snowball is simple, fast, secure, and can be as little as one-fifth the cost of high-speed Internet. With Snowball, you don’t need to write any code or purchase any hardware to transfer your data. Simply create a job in the AWS Management Console and a Snowball appliance will be automatically shipped to you*. Once it arrives, attach the appliance to your local network, download and run the Snowball client to establish a connection, and then use the client to select the file directories that you want to transfer to the appliance. The client will then encrypt and transfer the files to the appliance at high speed. Once the transfer is complete and the appliance is ready to be returned, the E Ink shipping label will automatically update and you can track the job status via Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS), text messages, or directly in the Console. Snowball uses multiple layers of security designed to protect your data including tamper-resistant enclosures, 256-bit encryption, and an industry-standard Trusted Platform Module (TPM) designed to ensure both security and full chain-of-custody of your data. Once the data transfer job has been processed and verified, AWS performs a software erasure of the Snowball appliance.

AWS Elastic MapReduce

Amazon EMR provides a managed Hadoop framework that makes it easy, fast, and cost-effective to process vast amounts of data across dynamically scalable Amazon EC2 instances. You can also run other popular distributed frameworks such as Apache Spark, HBase, Presto, and Flink in Amazon EMR, and interact with data in other AWS data stores such as Amazon S3 and Amazon DynamoDB. Amazon EMR securely and reliably handles a broad set of big data use cases, including log analysis, web indexing, data transformations (ETL), machine learning, financial analysis, scientific simulation, and bioinformatics.

AWS Kinesis Analytics

Amazon Kinesis Analytics is the easiest way to process streaming data in real time with standard SQL without having to learn new programming languages or processing frameworks. Amazon Kinesis Analytics enables you to create and run SQL queries on streaming data so that you can gain actionable insights and respond to your business and customer needs promptly. Amazon Kinesis Analytics takes care of everything required to run your queries continuously and scales automatically to match the volume and throughput rate of your incoming data. With Amazon Kinesis Analytics, you only pay for the resources your queries consume. There is no minimum fee or setup cost.

If you think there is an organization I should have listed here feel free to tweet it at me, or submit as a Github issue. Even though I do this full time, I'm still a one person show, and I miss quite a bit, and depend on my network to help me know what is going on.

API Database Tooling

As I study each API, and API related service, I'm always looking for open source tooling that has been developed around each area of the API life cycle. This is an aggregate of tooling I've come across and aggregated as part of my API testing research.





A damn simple library for building production-ready RESTful web services.


A micro web application providing a REST API on top of any relational database, using Silex and Doctrine DBAL


Her is an ORM (Object Relational Mapper) that maps REST resources to Ruby objects. It is designed to build applications that are powered by a RESTful API instead of a database.


RAML + Elasticsearch / Postgres / Mongodb / Your Data Store™ + Pyramid = RESTful API


Serve a RESTful API from any PostgreSQL database


Simple RESTful API implementation on Node.js + MongoDB.


The versioned, forkable, syncable database



A damn simple library for building production-ready RESTful web services.





RAML + Elasticsearch / Postgres / Mongodb / Your Data Store™ + Pyramid = RESTful API


Simple RESTful API implementation on Node.js + MongoDB.





RAML + Elasticsearch / Postgres / Mongodb / Your Data Store™ + Pyramid = RESTful API

If there is a tool that you think should be listed here, let me know by submitting a Github issue or Tweeting a link at me. I'm always looking for new types of tools, and get better at organizing them here and making sense.